Beginner? see this first!

Before you put on armour, here is some pointers that will give you a better first experience. This class will teach you the tre basic hits, forhand, backhand and a wrap.



Lets begin, HeavyFighting 101 !

Hello and welcome to Heavy Fighting(HF), a mideval fightingstyle that will take you to single combat in lists of glory, and out to open field battles with thousands of fighters.

This class will focus on showing you three basic hits so you have something to do when you put on armour for the first time. Training this teqniques before you actually put on armour will give you a much greater experience when the time comes for real combat.

In HF we use rattan swords, but for the sake of this exorcises you can use any kind of stick you kan get hold on!

Okay! lets do this, Forehand!

Forehand is the first and most basic shot, from your guard(take whatever guard you feel comfortable with, this is basics, we will not get into details there)


Backhand, where the shield is not in the way!

Next stop is ofcourse to hit the opponent on the opposit side from the forhand. The backhand, a off body shot is one of the most common startshots in single combat, a leathal and fast teqnique that can hit almost everywere on the opponents right side.



Great! Im mastering this like a champion, whats next?

Next up is to learn to combine this two blows into something that is fluent. A single shot is great, but two, or three or five blows are so much harder to survive for your opponent, combinations is the key to become a great fighter!

Now lets Wrap it up (no pun intended)

Okay, you can hit your opponent on both sides, but what if you could hit his/her ass instead, no shield or weapons seems to block that spot!
Correct, if you are close enough to your opponent, you can go in for a wrap. A wrap is a false edge blow, that means you will hit with the back edge of your sword instead of the front edge as both earlier teqniques.

The wrap can ofcourse be used in any height, so you could go for the head instead of the ass or any other height.

Now, train!

Okay, I hope you have gotten a hang of this, the basics. But the ting is, this is not just the basic, its the core of everything!
So train this a lot, and often.

Good luck! See you on the field fierce warrior!

Sir Brendan Tired and his Squire Lord Egil


” white gate)
is a good place to start
your journey to become
a great fighter”