Tutorial to make films for Vitaporten.se

The goal:
The goal of the films we deliver is to show people different ways to do different techniques. To give instructions to those who have none to teach from, and give ideas to those who teach fighters all over the world.

Basics of our films:

  • The films should be small in size, between 0 and 5 mb, preferably around 1 to 2. We can take films in  AVI, MPG or WMV. The preferred format is WMV as it has shown to be the best for small films with high quality. larger films can be okay, if there are a GOOD reason why they are so large.
  • All films must have the address www.vitaporten.se within them.
    Each film should show ONE technique, or a series of techniques. If possible, the techniques within a series should be shown first as their own techniques.
  • The start screen of the film must follow the rules that are set up for this(se below) This is important so that people recognise films that we have done, and can find their way back here.
  • Its okay to put up a technique that are already on the site, the idea is actually to have several of the same, so that people can pick one that suits their way of combat. Nothing is wrong here, its more different ways to do things!
  • Work on the sound, it should be as clear as possible. If necessary, make a soundtrack!
  • Cut out ALL unnecessary stuff from your raw material, make the films small and full with information rather than long with a lot of unnecessary film
  • ALL films on this site should have a “long” filename that includes the words SCA and heavyfighting. This is so that the files get searchable on DC and other downloading sites.
    An example of a filename is: brendan_basic_backhand_SCA_Heavy_Fighting.wmv
    or: tutorname_tecniquename_SCA_Heavy_Fighting.wmv
    Two films cant have the same name!

The front page:
The front page should look like the screenshots to the right.

Make sure that you show the front page long enough for the users to actually read the information there!





When the film actually starts, the text www.vitaporten.se should be left for maybe 10 seconds more.





Text for the film:
As an extra feature we put up a text to each film! This text can be used to clarify things that are hard to get on film, and give out warnings about things not to do. Be sure to send in such a text to your movie too!


Okay, I have some film I want to publish on this site,
how do I do it?
First of all, you have to produce the film with the above specifics, and preferably get the tutors approval right from the start!
Then send an email to Lord Egil Dragonhead ([email protected])  and tell me about your film! I will check the film for myself to see if its within the frames of this site, if so, we will publish it! If you start to create many films for the site, we will give you your own login so you can upload films and such yourself, but you don’t have to worry about those parts just yet!
Also provide date when the film was filmed, and how many stars it should have. Read more about the stars system on the actual film part of www.vitaporten.se

At last! GOOD Luck! Your work is important to fighters all around the world!

Your humble servant/ Lord Egil Drakhufvud, Squire to Sir Brendan the Tired III


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