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SCA name: Lord Egil Drakhufvud, Squire to Sir Brendan the Tired
Mundane name: Zakarias Persson
Status: Founder, Backend and frontend code, cameraman and editing
Email: [email protected]





SCA name: Lord Alrik DeMourne
Mundane name: Markus Åhman
Status: Cameraman and Pell.





SCA name: Sir Måns Knutsson Kotte
Mundane name: Daniel Forsman
Status: Tutor,cutting and moviemaking





SCA name: Vicomte Eirik Hårfager
Mundane name: Erik Johansson
Status: cutting and moviemaking (Fencing mostly)




Special Thanks to
This persons have helped to create movies or other materials
for this site and should therefore be thanked for it!

Sir Hartmann Rogge (KSCA)
Sir Padraig (KSCA)

Sir Brendan the Tired (KSCA)
Jarl Peregrine Mackay (KSCA)
Baron Jorulf Från Valle

Vicomte William
Vicomte Bengt Knutsson
Lord Anton Heillirsson
Lord Macarius of Novogorod
Lord Keldor DeGeer
Lord Geiri i Hrauni
Lord Fardäng Skvaldre

Lord Atli
Lord Fardäng Skvaldre
Herr Björn Sneskägg
Lord Egil Drakhufud
Lord Alric DeMourne
Fru Vilda Vargtand





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